Our Clients have been using WEZI for over 10 years
WEZI has been in use by our Clients across multiple industries for over 10 years, and is at the forefront of system development for businesses to use to make their day-to-day tasks easier. WEZI is the culmination of that time and effort to ensure you receive the most advanced system possible, ultimately making your daily work an automated dream.

Easily Track Your Business

Using our reporting and automation, it is easy to use WEZI to track your daily business targets and ensure that everything runs smoothly no matter what the task or whose job it is.

Filter data, build custom reports, and link everything into one place so you can see exactly what is happening with any job at any time.

You can even allow your customers to log in and view their data if you wish.
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Data Views

See your data any way you want, and interact with it seamlessly using boards, grids, calendars, reports and many more layouts. Pin data to your home page, or create dashboards to watch the data that is important to you.

Analyze Your Business

Watch your staff workload, and ensure clients are managed smoothly and efficiently. Move work from one staff member to another seamlessly, and have your staff check in when visiting sites or track times against clients with the click of a button.

Set Workflow And Forget

Create workflow for almost anything, taking the need to have step by step instructions for your staff to follow. Automation allows you to automatically make something happen, when something changes ensuring your staff always dot their I's and cross your T's.
Keep all your work in one place
When everything is in the same place, you can tie everything in a neat tidy bundle and make sure you squeeze every minute out of your super-productive day.